Zwei is a Japanese duo composed of Megu on bass and Ayumu on vocals. The two met in 2002 and formed the band “Zwei” in June of 2003, and made their major debut on May 26, 2004 with their song “Movie Star.” Their name “Zwei” means “two” in German, showcasing the harmonizing sound of both performers.

They released “Mephistopheles no mokushi” from 5pb. Records in 2009 and followed it in 2012 with “Kakuchou Place” which was used in the visual novel “Robotics;Notes.” They also released “JunJon Spectrum,” the main theme of the TV anime “Robotics;Notes” in November.

In 2014, Zwei released “Brave the Sky” in collaboration with Kanako Ito which became the main theme of PS Vita Game “Robotic Notes;Elite” Later on, in 2016, they released “Red Zone” which was used as the ending theme of TV anime “Terra Formars Revenge” as well as “My Own Life,” the ending theme of “Soul Buster.”

More recently, Zwei released their original album “Ley Line” in June of 2017 and released “Last Song” which became the ending theme of theTV anime “Steins;Gate 0.”

Zwei has performed all around the world including Germany in AnimagiC for five years in a row since 2013, the Netherlands in the Dutch animation convention Abunai! 2014, Malaysia in Animangaki and Korea at MU:CON. They also performed multiple times in biggest animation song event in Japan: Animelo Summer LIVE as well as performed at “YAON of NAON,” an event produced by “SHOW-YA,” a legendary women’s rock band in Japan.

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