Mirai Akari

Is it virtually impossible to make Cosplay Mania 2019’s line-up of guests even more awesome? How about if we include a guest who’s literally out of this world?

This guest is a Virtual YouTuber that debuted on October 27, 2017 and calls herself “princess of ego searching”. Her official illustrator is KEI who designed Hatsune Miku and usually introduces herself with “Hello! Mirai Akari da yo!”.

Her favorite food is Hamburgers and her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. She has done collaboration videos with Kaguya Luna, Dennou Shoujo Siro, Kashiko Mari and many more. She was one of the first VTubers to use the platform VRChat and Supechat to interact with her fans. She also performs as Kokoro Yami and Teacher Akari by using her voice range and her cover of Crusher-P’s “ECHO” is one of her most viewed videos.

It’s finally time to get plugged in as we all welcome to the Virtual YouTuber, Mirai Akari to Cosplay Mania!

Website: https://akari-mir.ai/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMYtONm441rBogWK_xPH9HA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/miraiakari_prj