Allen Kohatsu

This incredible stage actor has been in a variety of stage productions since 2011 including Gurrenn Lagann and K Project. He’s also dabbled in voice acting and has been seen in commercials, but he got his big break in 2016 when he stepped into the role of Hajime Iwaizumi in the second production of Hyper Projection Play “Haikyū!!” Since then, he has been in several stage productions including “BRAVE10~Tomoshibi~” as Nezu Jinpachi, “Gyakuten Saiban – Gyakuten no GOLD MEDAL-” as Reiji Mitsurugi, Gekidan Shining from Uta no Prince-sama “Pirates of the Frontier” as Marlaux and, most recently “LIVE!!! i-Chu The Stage ~Planète et Fleurs~” to name a few.

He has also appeared in popular magazines such as the Sparkle Cover Special Photo Interview “Prince Of STAGE”, “spoon.2Di”「STAGE PASH!Vol.09」, Otomedia Stemyu Vol. 7 Double Cover “Sparkle” Vol.34, and JUNON March issue “spoon.2Di” vol.46. Making his Philippine debut at Cosplay Mania 2019, let’s all welcome the amazing Allen Kohatsu!