AiRI is a Japanese singer who began her career in the early 2000’s with the stage name UR@N. She began her career performing PC Game theme and insertion songs where her powerful, high-toned voice quickly garnered her a good reputation.

In 2011, she changed her stage name to “AiRI” and released the Ending Theme of the TV anime “30-sai no Hoken Taiiku” as her first solo title. She then released several CD singles with anime tie-ups which culminated in her first solo CD album compilation known as “Puzzle” in February of 2012.

At the peak of her popularity, AiRI had her first solo concert “Fly high, butterfly!” in February 2012 where the tickets immediately sold out and prompted an additional performance on the second day, resulting in a 2-day concert.

In 2015, in celebration of AiRI’s 5th anniversary as an artist, she once again held solo concerts for three months starting in April. Her other albums include the mini album “Smash!!” released in 2015 and the single “DREAMxSCRAMBLE!!” the opening theme song of the TV anime “Keijo!!!!!!”

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